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The Wyoming Water Development Commission
presents the
1999 Irrigation System Survey Report

During the summer of 1998, the Wyoming Water Development Commission conducted a survey research project to identify Wyoming irrigation districts and canal companies. This survey report is incomplete in many areas, however there is no single source where better information is currently available. WWDC welcomes comments and corrections to this information. Please contact WWDC at 777-7626.

WWDC wishes to thank Ms. Bobbi Carlson for her work on this survey, and the State Engineer's Division Supervisors and staff for their patience in assisting in the acquisition of this information. Bruce Brinkman of WWDC developed the data base and organized the report. Evan Green of WWDC was the project manager. The Water Resources Data System in the College of Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University assisted with the data retrieval. Additional information on water planning is available on the WWDC web site:


Section 1: MAILING LIST:
Entity: Name of district or other organization
Status: Type of entity, irrigation district (dist) or canal company (comp)
Contact: Person listed as representative of the entity at the time the survey was taken
Address: Address of contact person (may not be the permanent address of the entity. Permanent entity address is available from WWDC.)
Phone: Permanent phone number of the entity. (WWDC elected to not list home numbers of individual contact persons. This information may be obtained from phone information and local directories.)


Surface Source: Name of surface source used by the entity
Diversion Type: Method of diversion used by the entity
Diversion Cap: Capacity in acre feet or cubic feet per second of the diversion facility
Conveyance Type: Conveyance system (primary) used by the entity
Conveyance Cap: Capacity of the conveyance system
Miles:Length in miles of the primary conveyance system
Loss:Estimated system loss in percentage of diversion
Return Flow:Indicates whether or not there is a return from to the source from the system


# Acres:Number of acres in the irrigation district or canal company
# Irrigated:Number of acres actually irrigated in the irrigation district or canal company
Users:Number of individual irrigators in the irrigation district or canal company
Others:Indicates whether or not users outside the district/company are served by the entity
Who/Amount:Users served outside the entity and amount delivered
Storage:Amount of storage owned by the entity
Stor Reservoir:Name of storage facility


Assessment:How users are assessed for entity services
Budget:Approximate annual budget for the entity in dollars
Xtra $:Indicates if the entity has another source of income
Payment:Annual payment on existing debt
Due:Date of debt retirement
Employees:The number of full-time and seasonal employees of the entity
Brd of Dir:Indicates if the entity is governed by a board of directors
Decisions:Indicates how operational decisions are made by the entity
Attend Mtg:Yes indicates the entity has asked a WWDC representative to attend an entity meeting


Conservation:Does the entity have a conservation program in place
Habitat:Does operation of the entity provide habitat benefits for wildlife
Problems:What problems does the entity have
Notes:General Comments from survey questionnaire

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