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Project Reports

    5. PROJECT:Big Horn Basin Rural Water Supply
SPONSOR:Northwest Rural Water District
LOCATION:Park and Big Horn Counties
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 231 1991 I $10,000,000* 1996
Level III 206 1995 I $850,000* 1996
*67% grant, 33% loan (4%, 40 years)

The project will construct rural water systems to provide water from the Shoshone Pipeline Project to rural users. The Shoshone Pipeline was originally designed with capacity for rural users. These users will provide additional income to the Shoshone Municipal Pipeline Project, making that project more efficient. The rural areas are currently using wells which produce water of limited quantity and questionable quality, or are hauling water.

The Level II study was performed in two phases. The Level II - Phase I report was completed in January, 1989, and delineated preliminary service areas, established economic parameters for service, and generated design criteria. Upon completion of Phase I activities, WWDC placed the Level II activities on hold to allow the sponsors time to form water districts and establish the service area boundaries. In January, 1990, the sponsors held public elections to establish the districts and their boundaries, and to elect rural water district board members. The voters overwhelmingly approved the formation of the district.

Based on criteria established by the district, the final service areas were delineated to serve water to 1,055 users in the following seven rural areas: South Fork, Sage Creek, North Cody, Heart Mountain, O'Donnell, Deaver-Frannie, and Lovell. Presently, the number of users has increased to 1,280.

In 1991, the district worked to secure funding from the Farm Loan Board and the Farmer's Home Administration for the distribution systems. In 1992, the final design process was completed for the first project component, the Heart Mountain system, which was placed into service in October, 1993. The O'Donnell and South Fork systems were placed into service on June 1, 1994 and November 22, 1994 respectively. The Deaver-Frannie and Lovell systems were bid in early fall, 1994, and were completed in April, 1995. Presently, the Sage Creek system is under construction and plans and permitting are underway for the Cooper Lane and North Cody systems.

The WWDC recommends that the project due date be extended from 1996 to 1998.

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