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Project Reports

 14. PROJECT:Cheyenne Stage I Pipeline
SPONSOR:City of Cheyenne
LOCATION:Albany and Laramie Counties
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 89 1993 II $6,500,000* 1999
Level III 206 1995 II $6,000,000* 1999
*50% grant, 50% loan (4%, 40 years)

The Cheyenne Stage I pipeline is approximately 55 miles long and is located in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Snowy Range, Laramie Plains and Laramie Mountains. The Stage I pipeline system delivers 6,000 acre-feet of water per year to Cheyenne. The project was constructed in about 1963 and consists of the following components:

  1. 7,000 feet of 30-inch diameter and 15,000 feet of 36-inch diameter concrete pipeline located on the east and west side of the continental divide near Hog Park Reservoir.

  2. 10,500 feet of 24-inch diameter and 47,000 feet of 33-inch diameter concrete pipeline between Douglas Creek and Lake Owen Reservoir.

  3. 40 miles of 26-inch diameter steel pipeline between Lake Owen and the Vedauwoo picnic area along a tributary to Crow Creek.

The Level II analysis, conducted in 1991 and 1992, found water conveyed in the concrete pipeline has reacted with the aggregate causing severe corrosion in most of the concrete pipeline. The condition of the concrete segments of the Stage I pipeline was found to be worse than originally anticipated. In addition, a lake (Sportsman Lake) has formed over a portion of the steel pipeline crossing the Laramie Plains. The lake is located in an area of corrosive soils and pH of the water is extremely high. There was evidence that the cathodic protection on the steel pipe was in need of improvements.

The City of Cheyenne Board has contracted with an engineering consulting firm to provide design and construction management services. The engineering firm, assisted by Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities staff, has completed an electrical continuity survey to identify areas of the Stage I pipeline that is inadequately protected from corrosion. High resistant spans have been repaired by rebonding the joints to assure the pipeline is cathodically protected.

The work associated with the 26-inch pipeline in the area of Sportman Lake has been completed. (Item No. 3 above) In lieu of rerouting the Stage I pipeline around Sportsman's Lake, the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities opted for the less expensive alternative associated with draining the lake and rebonding the joints to assure the pipeline is cathodically protected.

Repairs to the Little Snake River/Hog Park concrete pipeline have been completed. (Item No. 1 above)

The design of the Douglas Creek to lake Owen phase (Item No. 2 above) has been designed and will be awarded in March or April, 1996, pending the availability of funds. The construction cost is higher than anticipated due to a shortage of high density polyethylene (HDPC) pipe that is used to line the existing concrete pipeline.

The Commission recommends that the project appropriation be increased from $12,500,000 to $15,500,000 or $3,000,000 for the rehabilitation costs of the concrete pipeline between Lake Owen and Rob Roy Reservoir. The financing plan would remain as a 50% grant and a 50% loan with an interest rate of 4% and a term of 40 years.

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