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Project Reports

 25. PROJECT:Elk Mountain Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Elk Mountain
LOCATION:Carbon County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 10 1994 I $75,000 1996
Level II 8 1995 I $375,000 1996

The Town of Elk Mountain has a population of approximately 250, and serves 88 taps, including the Wyoming Transportation Department, the school, and several commercial users through their municipal water system.

The town's current water supply is comprised of two wells. Well #1 was drilled in 1964 about 3/4 mile from town as an oil exploration well and flows from 0 to 20 gpm. The casing is in poor condition and allows entry of hydrocarbons from zones above the water producing zone. The second well is three (3) miles from town and is inaccessible for several months of the year. This well was drilled in 1979, and is 2,400 feet deep. The 6 inch PVC and Permastrand conveyance line from the well to the storage tanks east of town has been ruptured several times by landslides. The pipeline and well #2 seem to be contaminated with iron bacteria. A portion of the hole below the bottom of the casing in well #2 has collapsed.

In 1994, a Level I Water Supply Master Plan for the Town of Elk Mountain was conducted. The report recommended that a new well be drilled near the existing water storage tanks.

In 1995, a good well was constructed and conceptual designs and cost estimates were prepared for the facilities necessary to connect the new well to the town's water supply system. The total project cost, including engineering and contingency, is estimated at approximately $535,000, which includes the Level II well costs ($200,000), modifications to the system to incorporate the new well ($129,000), and improvements to the tanks and transmission system ($100,500). The recommended project includes the new well, a control building, telemetry, plugging the defective well No. 1, upgrading the existing tanks, tank piping, installation of cathodic protection for the tanks, and appurtenances.

The WWDC recommends the project be advanced in the New Development Program to Level III status with an appropriation of $335,000. The recommended financing plan includes a 67% grant and a 33% loan (4%, 20 years). In addition, the sponsor will be required to reimburse the WWDC for 33% of the Level II well construction costs ($66,000, 4%, 20 years).

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