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Project Reports

 46. PROJECT:Little Snake Rehabilitation
SPONSOR:Little Snake Water Conservancy District
LOCATION:Carbon County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 89 1993 II $2,700,000* 1996
*75% grant, 25% loan (4%, 35 years)

The Little Snake Water Conservancy District is located in the Little Snake River Basin in Carbon County, Wyoming and Moffat County, Colorado. The Little Snake Water Conservancy District was formed in 1959 in response to a proposed Bureau of Reclamation water project (Savery - Pothook) which was never constructed. The district serves 80 Wyoming landowners who hold water rights on 10,690 acres near Baggs, Wyoming. An additional 3,640 acres are irrigated in Colorado. The district utilizes water from a number of diversions on tributaries and the main stem of the Little Snake River.

The Level I study was completed in 1992. The purpose of this study was to 1) perform a feasibility analysis of nine reservoir sites located either on Savery Creek or on tributaries to the Little Snake River, 2) evaluate the need to rehabilitate seven irrigation diversion dams located on tributaries and the main stem of the Little Snake River, 3) inventory the existing irrigation diversions and water delivery systems in the Little Snake Valley and evaluate the feasibility of combining some of the systems, 4) inventory two canals and describe those rehabilitation measures which may be necessary to eliminate safety problems, bottlenecks and high maintenance areas to ensure more efficient operation of the water supply system, and 5) evaluate the need to provide the Town of Baggs with a more reliable water source.

Upon review of the Level I report, the conservancy district requested funding for the construction of four (4) diversion dams and headgates on the Little Snake River. In addition, the project will include extensive rehabilitation of the First Mesa and West Side supply canals and appurtenances.

In 1993, the Little Snake Water Conservancy District obtained assignments of real property from the various ditch companies so that the district would be in a position to meet its project obligations to the WWDC. An engineering consultant was retained and the final project configuration was developed in consultation with the WWDC Construction Division. The plans and specifications were prepared for four (4) diversion structures and construction bids were received in January, 1994.

The four (4) diversion dams and major canal improvements have been completed. Three additional ditch companies requested to be included in the project. Both the WWDC and Select Water Committee approved their request. Enabling legal documents have been executed. The design is complete for the additional facilities. The project will be completed in the spring of 1996.

No legislative action is needed on this project.

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