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Active Projects

 15. PROJECT:Cheyenne Raw Water Supply
SPONSOR:City of Cheyenne
LOCATION:Laramie County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 8 1995 II $250,000 1996

The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) serves 61,890 people and 17,571 taps. In 1992, the CBPU requested funding for several projects. The WWDC suggested the CBPU complete a master plan to prioritize future improvements. The city's existing master plan had become dated and did not address the latest EPA requirements.

In 1993, the Wyoming Legislature approved funding to update the Cheyenne Water Supply Master Plan. In 1994 the master plan was completed and provides an inventory of the existing supply, treatment, and distribution systems. The plan identified needed improvements, suggested priorities, estimated costs, and serves as a planning tool for the city. Approximately $62,000,000 in needed capital improvements were identified. The identified improvements include an extensive upgrade to the CBPU Sherard Water Treatment Plant and several transmission system improvements. These improvements were prioritized and recommended for completion by the year 2007. Additional Level II analysis was recommended to refine designs and cost estimates.

In 1996, States West Water Resources Corporation completed a Level II study of the Cheyenne Water Supply System. Conceptual designs and cost estimates were prepared for 1) a raw water system to irrigate parks and golf courses, 2) piping and improvements to the raw water lines feeding the water treatment plant, 3) a new water transmission main to the east side of Cheyenne, 4) corrosion analysis, and 5) improvements to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System. The Level II report recommended that the first priority of the CBPU should be construction of a raw water irrigation system. Under this concept an existing 16-inch main would be converted from treated water to raw water to irrigate 303 acres of land.

Many of the sprinkler systems in the Northwest quadrant parks are not presently metered and are relatively antiquated. Present water usage on the Northwest park complexes is uncertain, but lies somewhere between 2.4 mgd and 5 mgd for peak day demands. Due to the paucity of irrigation flow records, the Level II study utilized the maximum net irrigation provided by the Wyoming Irrigation Guide. The amounts of flow projected in the Level II study are therefore lower than actual.

The objective of the project is to convert as many parks and golf courses to raw water as is reasonably possible. With average daily flow in the order of 8 mgd and summer peaks in the 40 mgd range, it is obvious that measures to cut irrigation demands are warranted. Each 1 mgd in reduced treatment capacity saves $1.1 to $1.3 million in capital cost, plus reduced O&M costs. Direct capital cost savings would be in the range of $2.64 to $6.5 million for water treatment plant construction.

The Level II study shows that the alternative 30 year present worth of utilizing the existing 16-inch line for raw water delivery versus furnishing treated water for irrigation purposes saves between $5.216 and $6.329 million depending upon which financing alternative is available.

The WWDC recommends the project be advanced to Level III with an appropriation of $1,800,000 (50% grant, 50% loan at 7.25% for 10 years) to complete a raw water irrigation system for parks and golf courses in the northwest part of town.

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