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Active Projects

 96. PROJECT:Wheatland Irrigation District Laramie River Diversion
SPONSOR:Wheatland Irrigation District
LOCATION:Platte County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 8 1995 II $100,000 1996

The Wheatland Irrigation District serves approximately 55,284 acres and 911 water users. The Wheatland Irrigation District assesses $9.50/acre. The irrigators have an estimated ability to pay of $18.00 - $20.00/acre.

In 1996 Kennedy Engineering completed a Level II study of Wheatland Tunnel Diversion, Diversion Dam operation, and Gunbarrel Lateral canal.

The operation of the Wheatland Tunnel Diversion from the Laramie River into Bluegrass Creek has resulted in fish kills in the Laramie River at least twice in the last 10 years. The fish kills occur when diversions from the Laramie River into Bluegrass Creek are stopped at the end of the irrigation season and the tunnel is shut down for the winter. Water and sediment impounded behind the diversion dam is sluiced into the Laramie River resulting in draining of the impoundment and water quality standards violations. The study investigated structural and management alternatives to prevent these events from occurring in the future. Using their own resources, the Wheatland Irrigation District has constructed a box around the outlet and modified the intake to draw water from the top rather than the bottom of the reservoir.

The State Engineer has requested that the Wheatland Irrigation District install a measuring device at the diversion from the Laramie River into Bluegrass Creek. The Level II study completed by Kennedy Engineering in 1996 recommended several improvements be made to the diversion system. The following improvements are proposed: 1) a measuring weir will be constructed, 2) the outlet gates from the Laramie River into Bluegrass Creek will be moved to accommodate the new weir and the gates will be automated, 3) a SCADA system enabling remote operation will be installed. Rehabilitation of the concrete on the diversion dam will also be completed. Construction is expected to begin and be completed.

The Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch is served by the Wheatland Irrigation District and provides water to 20 users irrigating approximately 2,659 acres. Some sections of the Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch are located in the rights-of-way of county roads and are severely eroded causing public safety concerns. In the past, motorists have accidentally driven into the ditch. Much of the ditch was concrete lined over 25 years ago. Some of this lining has deteriorated and will need to be replaced in the next 2 - 10 years.

The Platte County Resource District is sponsoring this project because the Gunbarrel Lateral Company is not a governmental entity. Other agencies cooperating on the project include Platte County, the Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch Co., the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Wheatland Irrigation District. The sponsor has requested Level III funding to replace the 8510' of open ditch with buried pipe. The project is estimated to cost $500,000. The cost of materials (pipe, concrete, reinforcing bar, valves, measuring devices, etc, is approximately $250,000. The Platte County Resource District and the Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch Company have proposed that the WWDC provide a 50% grant (no loan) to purchase pipe, fittings and other materials to complete the project. Engineering will be provided by the NRCS. Construction labor, machinery, trench excavation, and remaining materials will be provided by Platte County, the Wheatland Irrigation District, and the Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch Company.

The WWDC recommends that two projects be advanced to Level III in the rehabilitation program.

For the diversion system improvements, an appropriation of $315,000 from the rehabilitation account is recommended (50% grant, 50% loan, 4%, 20 years).

For the Gunbarrel Lateral Rehabilitation Project, the total project budget is $500,000. The WWDC recommends a grant of $250,000 (50% grant, no loan) from the Rehabilitation Account to the Platte County Resource District is recommended. The Platte County Resource District , Platte County, Gunbarrel Lateral Ditch Co., The Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Wheatland Irrigation District will provide installation labor, equipment and some construction materials.

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