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Wyoming Water Development Commission 
Harry C. LaBonde, Jr., PE, Director 
6920 Yellowtail Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Phone: 307-777-7626 

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Crook County Water SupplyI$ 100,000Crook
Dubois Master PlanI$ 75,000Fremont
Kaycee Master PlanI$ 40,000Johnson
Lingle Master PlanI$ 40,000Goshen
Nine Mile Water SupplyI$ 20,000Albany
North End Water SupplyI$ 50,000Park
Thirty-Three Mile Water SupplyI$ 25,000Natrona
Coal Bed Methane Test WellsII$ 300,000Campbell
Crestview Water SupplyII$ 200,000Campbell
Glenrock Raw Water SupplyII$ 75,000Converse
Laramie Westside StorageII$ 40,000Albany
Lakeview Water SupplyII$ 25,000Natrona
McNutt Water SupplyII$ 25,000Washakie
Newcastle Water SupplyII$ 140,000Weston
Sheridan DiversionII$ 75,000Sheridan
Sheridan Raw Water SupplyII$ 35,000Sheridan
State Stream Gauge SystemII$ 200,000Statewide
Washakie Rural Water SupplyII$ 100,000Washakie
Westside/Rock Springs Water SupplyII$ 30,000Sweetwater
Hold Projects II$ 15,000Statewide
Basin Area Water SupplyIII$ 200,000Big Horn
Buffalo Valley Water SupplyIII$ 475,000Teton
Bureau of Rec. Conservation MOU $ 50,000Statewide
Encampment Water SupplyIII$ 137,000Carbon
Etna Water SupplyIII$ 390,000Lincoln
Upper Colorado Endangered Species $ 850,000Green River Basin
Evanston Raw Water SupplyIII$ 1,500,000Uinta
Gillette Water Storage and Trans.III$ 2,040,000Campbell
Greybull Shell Well No. 3 Water SupplyIII$ 305,000Big Horn
Manville Water Supply ProjectIII$ 69,000Niobrara
Meeteetse Water Supply ProjectIII$ 333,000Park
Natrona County Regional Water SupplyIII$ 13,900,000Natrona
Thayne Water Supply ProjectIII$ 850,000Lincoln
Torrington Water Supply ProjectIII$ 4,500,000Goshen

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