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Active Projects

112.PROJECT:Worland Pipeline Rehabilitation
SPONSOR:City of Worland
LOCATION:Washakie County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 46 1997 II $75,000   1998
Level III 38 1998 II $300,000* 2001
*50% grant and 50% loan (20 years, 7.25% interest)

The city water supply system consists of two Madison formation wells which are located about 20 miles northeast of Worland and north of Nowood River. In December 1996 the pipeline ruptured in the Sand Creek area. The break was repaired but broke again in the same reach. The system was repaired with a short term emergency fix. This fix was funded partially with a Level III construction authorization by the 1997 Legislature.

The 1997 Legislature also authorized a Level II analysis of the pipeline and the rehabilitation needs. This work has been completed and it revealed that the pipe material is in extremely good condition. However, the soils the pipeline is laid through do not have the strength to adequately support the pipeline if saturated. Certain areas of the pipeline are more at risk than others. The study also identified the need for electronic monitoring of the pipeline and also the need for an automated shutoff system at the well heads. The Level III construction will include a SCADA system, pipe repair parts and spare pipe.

No legislative action is required.

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