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Active Projects

 14. PROJECT:Chugwater Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Chugwater
LOCATION:Platte County
PROGRAM:New Development (Levels I and II)
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 15 1996 I $75,000 1998
Level II 46 1997 I $100,000 1998
Level III 45 1998 II $103,500 2000

The 1990 census shows Chugwater has a population of 192. They reportedly have 108 taps in town. Recently, a motel, restaurant, Wyoming Transportation Department rest stop, and a convenience store have been constructed near the I-25 interchange southwest of town.

The Town of Chugwater operates three wells less than 200' deep located in the middle of town. The wells have been recently rehabilitated and are apparently producing a water supply of good quality that exceeds the current needs of the town. The well depths are 100 - 150 feet deep but are surrounded by residential lots and are adjacent to the town's maintenance shop, which are possible sources of contamination. The town's water supply reservoir was constructed in 1939 and is deteriorating. It is probably inadequate to store sufficient water to meet present fire flow demands. In 1996, States West Water Resources Corporation completed a Level I study. The study determined the condition and capacity of the wells, transmission mains, and storage tank and recommended:

  1. Protection of the well field and improvements to an existing well. The town has proposed that the well field be fenced, improvements made to the surface casing on one well and a well head protection plan be implemented.

  2. Rehabilitation of the existing tank's roof and the associated valving. The estimated life of the rehabilitated tank is 25 years. The report also recommended that the supply line to the tank be replaced.

  3. Construction of a new tank sized to improve pressures in town and to meet present fire flow requirements.

  4. Construction of a new well outside the existing well field. A new well would improve water pressure in town and provide redundant supply in the event that the other wells should become contaminated.

Items 1 and 2 were advanced to Level III in 1997. Design and Construction are underway. States West was hired in 1997 to complete a Level II study to investigate the feasibility of constructing a new well and a new tank for the Town of Chugwater. The study was completed in 1998. The sponsor requested funding to incorporate the two new wells drilled west of town during Level II into the town's system and to construct a new tank and the necessary pipelines to connect the wells to the tank and the new tank to the town's distribution system. Improvements to the existing well field and the roof of the town's existing storage tank are also part of the proposed project. The estimated total project cost is $1,613,000.

The WWDC recommends the project be advanced to Level III status in the New Development Program with a 1999 appropriation of $967,800. The financing plan includes a 60% grant for $967,800 and the town must secure the remaining 40% from other sources. The town plans to pursue a loan from USDA, Rural Development, Rural Utility Service.

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