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Active Projects

 30. PROJECT:Evansville Elkhorn Creek Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Evansville
LOCATION:Natrona County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 59 1996 II $50,000* 1999
*100% loan (7 1/4%), 20 years

The population of Evansville is approximately 1,600 residents. There are 80 active commercial taps and 681 active residential taps served by the system.

In 1994 and 1995, the town requested a Level III loan and grant funding in the amount of approximately $900,000 for replacement of the Elkhorn Creek raw water transmission main, and construction of an infiltration gallery, disinfection and monitoring facility. The Elkhorn right is a territorial right (1884) with a firm yield of approximately 200 gpm (0.40 cfs). The right can supply the present average day, winter time demand of Evansville. The feasibility of undertaking this project was investigated as part of the Level II Natrona County Regional Water Plan study.

The Town of Evansville has decided not to participate in the Natrona Regional Water System. The cost of the piping to connect Evansville to the Natrona County Regional System is approximately $202,000 compared to this project cost of $900,000. Therefore, in 1994 and 1995, the WWDC recommended that the request for loan and grant funding for the Elkhorn Creek Water Supply Project be denied. However, during its January, 1996 meeting, the Legislative Select Water Committee voted to recommend funding the project as a phased 100% loan. The Select Water Committee recommended that the project be incorporated into the Rehabilitation Program at Level III status with an appropriation of $50,000. The financing plan includes a 100% loan with an interest rate of 7 1/4% and a term of 20 years. The initial appropriation is being used to obtain EPA clearance for the project. If the clearance is obtained, an additional loan request of $850,000 will be expected to complete the project.

Design of a modified infiltration gallery is nearing 90% complete, and construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 1999. This will be used to perform microscopic particle analysis and determine the necessary treatment processes to be used prior to incorporation into the town's system.

No legislative action is required.

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