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Active Projects

 91. PROJECT:Rock Springs/Green River Area Water Supply
SPONSOR:Green River-Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Joint Powers Water Board
LOCATION:Sweetwater County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 83 1990 I $23,000,000* 1998
Level III 28 1994 I $4,000,000* 1998
*67% grant, 33% loan (4%, 40 years)

The Green River is the domestic raw water supply source for the Cities of Rock Springs and Green River. Water is pumped from the Green River to an existing water treatment facility located along the northern bank of the river. After treatment, the water is pumped from the treatment plant to the distribution systems of both communities. Rock Springs receives water from the Green River treatment plant through an existing 20 inch diameter pipeline that traverses the fourteen mile distance between the communities. The Cities of Rock Springs and Green River formed a joint powers board in order to purchase the privately owned water system. Prior to purchasing the system in 1986, the joint powers board sponsored a system evaluation and inventory of the system. The evaluation indicated that the transmission pipeline had lost 35% of its original capacity and was identified as the single most expensive element and a critical "weak link" in the system.

Three subdivisions, Clearview Acres, White Mountain and Stassinos, were not originally served by the privately owned water system. In 1988, the joint powers board petitioned the Wyoming Water Development Commission to evaluate the existing transmission system. The study analyzed the 20" diameter pipeline that connects the water treatment plant in Green River to users in Rock Springs and evaluated the potential for supplying water to Clearview Acres, White Mountain and to Stassinos. The Level II study identified two system bottlenecks; the existing 20" diameter pipeline and the raw water intake facility located along the banks of the Green River. The existing Green River to Rock Springs pipeline could not keep pace with existing demand and the existing raw water intake could not accommodate growth or expansion of the system. Therefore, a thirty-inch diameter pipeline and a new larger intake facility were recommended for Level III construction. The Level II study also recommended that peaking storage facilities be constructed in Rock Springs and that water service should be provided to the subdivisions mentioned herein.

The legislature appropriated $23,000,000 during the 1990 session for construction of new transmission and peaking facilities to serve Rock Springs and nearby subdivisions. The legislature appropriated an additional$4,000,000 to construct an additional peaking facility in Green River, new transmission facilities in Green River, additional storage in Rock Springs, and additional transmission pipelines in Rock Springs to cover the expense associated with relocating planned improvements that could be constructed at the existing treatment plant due to hydrocarbon contamination and the inability of obtaining a permit from the State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

Facilities funded by the 1990 appropriation ($23,000,000) have been completed and are providing service to the project sponsors. The transmission facilities between Rock Springs and Green River are no longer a "bottleneck" and will serve the area for years to come. Construction bids have been received on two of the components funded by the 1994 appropriation ($4,000,000), the Wind River tank and Stagecoach pipeline. They have been completed. The entire project should be completed by the end of 1999.

No legislative action is required.

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