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Wyoming Water Development Commission 
Harry C. LaBonde, Jr., PE, Director 
6920 Yellowtail Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Phone: 307-777-7626 

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Specific Requirements of Statutes

The Wyoming Water Development Commission is directed to report project specific results and findings to the legislature as provided for in the Wyoming Statutes and Wyoming Session Laws. The following are specific references to the applicable authorizations and directions:

W.S. 41-2-115. Report; authorization; assignment.

(b) The Commission shall within ninety (90) days following the public hearings transmit its findings and recommendations to the governor and legislature pursuant to W.S. 41-2-1214(a)..."

1998 Session Laws, Chapter 82, Sections 2. Level I Reconnaissance Studies - New Development, Section 3. Level II Feasibility Studies - New Development, and Section 4. Level II Feasibility Studies - Rehabilitation.

..."The commission shall submit a report to the legislature on each of the following studies prior to the 2000 legislative session."
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