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Active Projects

 55. PROJECT:Jackson Raw Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Jackson
LOCATION:Teton County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 16 1999 I $450,000* 2003
*60% grant, 40% loan (7 1/4%, 20 years)

The Town of Jackson indicated their population has nearly doubled since the 1990 census, and is currently estimated at 8500. With this level of recent growth they are concerned with planning for future water system demands. Toward this end they retained the services of Nelson Engineering to prepare a Level II study of a raw water supply project that will take some demand off their potable water system. With the Level II study completed the town has requested Level III authorization for a multi-use raw water supply project that will: (1) provide irrigation water to the county fair/rodeo grounds, two city parks, and the athletic fields at the new high school; (2) provide raw water to replace the municipal water sold to Snow King for use in snow-making; and (3) provide water to be used in prevention of ice jams on Flat Creek. The portion of the proposed pipeline that would deliver water to Snow King has been determined to be distribution to one customer, therefore, it is not eligible for WWDC participation.

The project includes construction of three production wells near Flat Creek, and appurtenances. The town will utilize these wells during the summer for irrigation of the above mentioned town / county facilities, which are currently served from the municipal system. During the winter the town will use well #1 partially for snow-making water at Snow King. The remainder of the production from this well, and all the production of wells #2 and #3, will be turned into Flat Creek to reduce/ eliminate the formation of frazzle ice. During extremely cold periods frazzle ice forms in the creek, and subsequently freezes on the creek bottom, bridges, and other structures. This reduction in capacity eventually causes the creek to overtop its banks and flood residential neighborhoods, streets, and the highway. The addition of 2000 gpm per well of warmer groundwater to the creek is expected to prevent formation of frazzle ice, and the resultant flooding.

The town has been testing this hypothesis for the past 10 years. The municipal well drilled by WWDC in 1985 has been diverted to the creek during the winter since 1988, with the exception of one year. Since that time the creek has not frozen for a significant reach below that well, except for the year it was not turned on.

The 1999 legislature approved an appropriation of $450,000 from Account I to be used for the project to include completion of three alluvial wells, pumps, controls and necessary appurtenances. Eligible funding did not include costs for pipeline to the Snow King ski area. The town has contracted with Nelson Engineering to provide engineering and construction administration for the project.

A contract for development of the three wells was awarded in September, 1999 with completion of the project to occur in early year 2000.

No legislative action is required.

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