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Active Projects

 99. PROJECT:Shoshone Rehabilitation
SPONSOR:Shoshone Joint Powers Board
LOCATION:Park/Big Horn County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 28 1992 II $7,500,000* 1997
Level III 45 1997     2000
*50% grant

The Shoshone Joint Powers Board requested assistance from the WWDC for a comprehensive rehabilitation project. The Joint Powers Board is made up of the Heart Mountain, Shoshone, Willwood, and Deaver Irrigation Districts which serve approximately 93,000 acres.

The Bureau, in cooperation with the board and the WWDC, conducted a rehabilitation study of the district's facilities in 1991, and identified a number of major canals and structures in need of repair or replacement. Many of the existing facilities are 80 years old. The estimated total project cost is $15,000,000. Fifty percent of the funds are being provided by the WWDC. The remaining funds are being secured, as a zero interest loan to the board, through the Bureau of Reclamation's Rehabilitation and Betterment Program.

In 1992, the project agreement was completed and executed and the funding agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation was finalized. In addition, the sponsor worked to develop the project work schedule, as well as mitigation plans. In 1993, approximately 21,000 feet of reinforced concrete pipe was manufactured. In addition, 15,000 feet of pipeline was designed, approved and installed, including a large diameter siphon. In 1994, approximately 35,000 feet of reinforced concrete pipe and a large drop structure was installed; and grouting of the Cedar Mountain Tunnel commenced. In 1995, 10,000 feet of pipe and two large drop structures were installed and work continued on the Cedar Mountain Tunnel. In 1996, 25,000 feet of pipe and two large drop structures were installed and grouting continued on the Cedar Mountain Tunnel. In 1997, 33,000 feet of pipe and three large drop structures were installed and grouting continued on the Cedar Mountain Tunnel. In 1998, installation of 82,000 feet of pipe, one large drop structure, and work on the flumed section of the Cedar Mountain Tunnel were completed. In 1999, 103,000 feet of pipe and various canal structures were installed. The Shoshone River Siphon was re-coated and a portion of the Heart Mountain Canal was concrete lined. The Willwood Canal Gates on the Willwood Dam were also rehabilitated. In 2000, the Buck Springs Creek Siphon will be rehabilitated to complete the project.

No legislative action is required.

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