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Active Projects

 73. PROJECT:Meeteetse Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Meeteetse
LOCATION:Park County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 8 1995 I $75,000   1996
Level II 15 1996 I $100,000   1998
Level III 38 1998 I $333,000* 2002
*60% grant, balance of project cost from other sources.

Meeteetse has a population of 386. There are 240 taps in town and 32 existing taps in the rural areas served by the town. The median household income for Meeteetse is $20,667. Water rates are $17.00 per month for the first 5,000 gallons, plus $0.75 per 1000 gallons for usage over 5,000 gallons. The average monthly water bill is $33.25 compared to the state average of $26.62. The town has obtained significant assistance from the Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

The Level II study was conducted by RBD, Inc. Engineering Consultants, a division of The Sear- Brown Group. The Level I study was completed by James Gores and Associates in 1995. The town of Meeteetse operates a conventional filtration plant that treats water diverted from the Wood River. The Level I study reported several problems/deficiencies with the water supply and treatment systems. These problems include:

  1. The quality of the water supply is extremely variable throughout the year. It is turbid in the spring during runoff and very clear in the winter.

  2. The treatment plant is located on the 100 year flood plain and is vulnerable to inundation.

  3. The intake is also vulnerable to flooding and should be moved or extensively modified.

  4. The existing treatment process should be extensively modified to treat the variable water supply and comply with the provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

A Level I study completed in 1995 by James Gores and Associates recommended moving the water supply intake to Lower Sunshine Reservoir and building a new water treatment plant outside the 100 year flood plain near Sunshine Reservoir. A pilot plant study was completed in 1997 to determine the feasibility and projected cost of treating Lower Sunshine Reservoir water with conventional and micro-filtration processes. Micro-filtration is feasible and is expected to have considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. The Level II study was completed in 1997 and recommended the following improvements to the Meeteetse water system:

  1. Move the diversion from the Wood River to the Lower Sunshine Reservoir at the Gate House.

  2. Construct a backup supply lift station at the Sunshine Dam toe drain.

  3. Construct a raw water pipeline from the dam diversion to the water treatment plant.

  4. Construct a new water treatment plant.

  5. Construct a finished water transmission main to tie in with the main from the existing water treatment plant to the town.

Preliminary designs and cost estimates were prepared for the above listed improvements.

The town has received funding (60% grant only) for items 1, 2, 3, and 5 from the WWDC New Development account. The remaining 40% of the capital cost of these components will be financed with grants from the RUS. Component 4 would be financed from a combination of grants and loans from the Wyoming State Land and Investment Board (WSLIB) and the RUS.

The project is financed as follows:
WWDC grant (17.8%):$333,000
WSLIB grant (16%):$300,000 (more grant funds may be available)
RUS grant (44.8%):$1,070,000
RUS loan (21.4%):$402,000

The project is now under construction and will be completed in 2001.

No legislative action is required.

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