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Active Projects

 15. PROJECT:Bridger Valley Intake Structure Rehabilitation
SPONSOR:Bridger Valley Joint Powers Board
LOCATION:Uinta County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level III 2 2001 II $138,000* 2005
*50% grant

A pre-design report, which was completed in March, 2000 by Nelson Engineering and Richard P. Arber Associates for the replacement and expansion of the Bridger Valley Joint Powers Board (BVJPB) water treatment plant. The report includes an evaluation of intake upgrade alternatives taking into consideration pressure requirements at the WTP, access to intake site, sediment removal, permitting costs, regulatory issues and life cycle costs. Alternatives looked at included: alluvial wells, alternate diversion locations, raw water transmission line replacement and construction of a booster pump station. The most cost effective and implementable alternative incorporates the replacement of the existing 14-inch raw water pipeline along with the intake structure.

The current transmission line cannot provide the 4 MGD raw water flow capacity, which the new plant will be capable of treating, owing to sizing and flow restrictions. The report also advises that additional finished water storage is required to provide peak day and peak hourly demands of the water system along with adequate disinfection contact time.

The BVJPB received Level III funding in 2001 to assist in the construction replacement of the existing intake and raw water diversion structure in the Smith's Fork River at the site of the existing structure. The intake is located 8,800 feet upstream from the regional water treatment plant. The existing structure is inadequate to provide the total raw water capacity a new 4 MGD water treatment plant that is being funded by a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan. The existing intake structure also has problems associated with intake capacity at low river flows as well as problems with ice and trash accumulations.

A Capital Facilities Tax in the amount of $6,450,000 was passed in the year 2000, to fund the treatment plant expansion, transmission line and new treated water storage tank construction along with the 50% sponsor share of the new intake structure. Additional Wyoming Water Development grant funding is being requested to fund the raw water transmission line and the finished water storage tank following water treatment plant bid costs which came in $1.3 million higher than the engineer's preliminary cost estimate. The current total estimated project costs for all elements including plant, storage, intake and pipeline is $7.8 million. The BVJPB believes that with the additional WWDC grant funding, State Loans and Investment Board grant funding, rebidding of the water treatment plant, elimination of some of the water treatment plant equipment and relocation of the proposed storage tank site; the entire project including intake, raw water pipeline, storage tank and treatment plant can be completed.

Total estimated project costs for the intake structure, storage tank and raw water transmission line are $1,062,900, which includes easement acquisition, design, wetlands & environmental mitigation/permitting, construction management and a 10% contingency. The BVJPB has completed design of the intake structure at a cost of $52,900. BVJPB is requesting a 50% grant of the remaining costs or $505,000. The remaining 50% of costs will be provided from funds collected by the capital facilities tax, the DWSRF and State Loans and Investment Board grant funding.

The WWDC recommends that the project be incorporated in the Rehabilitation Program at Level III with an increase to the previously approved appropriation of $138,000 by $367,000 to a total of $505,000. The funding would be to provide 50% of the construction and construction management costs for the intake, transmission pipeline and treated water storage tank.

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