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Active Projects

 68. PROJECT:Laramie North Side Supply
SPONSOR:City of Laramie
LOCATION:Albany County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 36 2000 II $45,000 2002
Level III 2 2001 I $970,000 2002

The 1994 Master Plan study evaluated various options for expanding Laramie's water supply, storage, treatment, transmission and distribution system to meet expanding demands. The study recommended a long-term schedule for improving both the surface and groundwater supply systems. Recommendations were made for Level III construction funding from both the New Development and Rehabilitation accounts.

The 1995 New Development Program recommendation addressed the conversion of an existing test well to production status and the construction of monitoring wells at the LaPrele site. This work has been completed. The 1996 recommendation provided for the construction of two production wells at the Spur site, a pipeline to connect the well field to the city distribution system, and a new storage tank. In 1997 the two Spur wells were drilled, developed, and an extensive pump test was conducted. The 2000 legislature authorized the city of Laramie to expand the 1995 Level I study to include the evaluation of a portion of the 20 inch pipeline south and west of town, to combine the East Side Tank and Corthell Hill Pipeline projects, and to add a North Side Transmission Line reconnaissance level investigation.

This study recommends that the city of Laramie rehabilitate the previously mentioned 20 inch section of pipeline south and west of town, and add a tank and transmission lines east of town to provide water for the Corthell Hill and Altavista areas. The city of Laramie has proposed a schedule for these projects that would be finished in 2006. Last year the city of Laramie asked for funding for Level III final design work and right of way acquisition on the two selected projects at a cost of $970,000.

This year the City of Laramie is requesting funding for phase one of the construction of the two selected projects. One portion of this project is for the rehabilitation of a 20/24 pipeline, the second larger part of this project was for the installation of a new tank and transmission line.

Given the different nature of the two pieces of the Laramie North Project a decision was made to split this project into two separate projects. One is called the Laramie 20/24 Rehabilitation Project and the other is called the Laramie East Side Tank Project. Laramie would like to request funding for the completion of the rehabilitation project and for Phase I of the East Side Tank Project. Phase I of the East Side Tank Project would include funding for a new Tank, and selected portions of the transmission line that the City of Laramie felt were too important to delay installation. Project design and cost estimates are as follows in 2002 dollars.

     20"/24" Rehabilitation Project
Project Cost (50% Grant/50% Loan)$ 3,225,000  
          Design Portion (previously funded) $  230,000 
     Total Project Cost $3,455,000 
     East Side Tank Project 
Phase I Cost (50% Grant Only)$7,910,000  
          Phase II Cost (50% Grant Only) $  747,000 
          Phase III Costs (50% Grant Only) $  345,000  
          Design Portion (Previously Funded)$  740,000 
CHAPTER II Total Project Costs  $9,742,000
CHAPTER III *Bolded items represent current project requests. 

The WWDC recommends the 20"/24" Rehabilitation Project be incorporated in the Rehabilitation Program at Level III with an additional appropriation of $3,225,000, and that the East Side Tank Project be incorporated into the New Development Program at Level III with an appropriation of $7,910,000. The financing plan on the Rehabilitation Project includes a 50% grant of ($1,612,500), and a 50% loan of ($1,612,500) at 7.25% interest for 20 years.

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