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Active Projects

 70. PROJECT:LeClair Laterals
LEVEL:New Application
SPONSOR:LeClair Irrigation District
LOCATION:Fremont County

The LeClair Irrigation District would like to rehabilitate a number of their laterals in an effort to continue their conservation program as specified in the WWDC Level I Report: Wind River Study: LeClair Canal and Riverton Valley (Wyoming No. 2 Canal Rehabilitation), March 1993. The study called for the piping of open-ditch laterals in a phased approach, allowing the District to implement improvements in a prioritized sequence. A subsequent 1994 Level III project began the process of installing the pipe, with WWDC financing the cost of materials and the District providing the labor for installation. Design work on the project was overseen by a licensed professional engineer provided by the District at its costs. Easement and access issues significantly slowed the progress of installation of pipe by the District. This resulted in the reversion of over 50% of the 1994 Legislative appropriation of $750,000. The District believes that it has resolved easement and access issues and is currently requesting funds to continue installation of pipe on twelve additional laterals.

The District funding request ($415,633) is for the materials cost of piping of twelve laterals, seven of which are not identified in the 1993 Study. The material pricing costs provided appear to be incomplete since costs have not been estimated for bedding material, head gate structures, weir boxes and manholes. A level II engineering study is recommended to update project costs from the 1993 study to include the seven additional laterals which are being requested as part of the current application.

The WWDC recommends the project be incorporated in the Rehabilitation program at Level II with an appropriation of $50,000.

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