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Active Projects

126.PROJECT:Ten Sleep/Hyattville Master Plan
SPONSOR:Town of Ten Sleep/Hyattville Water Company
LOCATION:Washakie County and Big Horn County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 7 2002 I $75,000 2004

Ten Sleep: The Town of Ten Sleep has two (2) Madison Formation aquifer supply wells that serve its water supply needs. The oldest well was drilled in 1955 and a second well was added in 1978. The total yield from these wells has been more than ample to serve the community. Consumption however, far outstrips demand, with average use estimated at 2500 gallons per day per person. This use rate figure is approximately ten times the recommendation suggested for Wyoming public water supply systems by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. This inefficiency is a central consideration to be addressed by the requested study. The study would include an entire review of their system.

The Level I study will also determine whether the town should provide service to outlying rural areas. Expansion of supply outside of town has occurred to some extent but recent residential development in the county near Ten Sleep has encountered insufficient water supply in their domestic wells from a quantity and quality standpoint.

Therefore, a small-scale regional plan utilizing the existing Ten Sleep ground water supply is an attainable concept worth consideration in a master plan study.

Hyattville: In 1968, the residents of Hyattville formed the Hyattville Water Company for the purpose of developing a safe, reliable supply of water for their community. Subsequently, a deep well was drilled into the Madison Formation that flowed 100 gpm at the time of completion. Using the average daily per capita use for Wyoming (Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality - Water Quality Division Rules & Regulations, Chapter XII, Section 8) of 125 gallons per day per person, the well could be expected to provide water for 1152 people. In reality, however, Hyattville's water system has consistently failed to deliver an adequate supply of water to the population (approx. 52) ever since it was brought online.

Throughout the summer months, the town's 25,000 gallon storage tank is drained which results in extremely low water pressure throughout the system. When this occurs, members of the community are forced to curtail water usage by means of restricting watering hours. At least one tap is sometimes without any water at all. The problems with the system are not altogether clear Problems could be attributable to diminished flow or pressure at the Hyattville No. 1 Well, or leaks in the distribution system, inadequate storage, or a combination thereof. The members of the Hyattville Water Board understand that to proceed past Level I involvement with the WWDC (and other public lending entities), the community must organize a water district.

The 2002 Level I Master Plan for Tensleep recommended that a Level II feasibility study be advanced to evaluate the town supply wells, needs for storage, and a transmission line running south of town to rural users.

The WWDC recommends the Tensleep Water Supply Project be incorporated into the New Development Program at Level II with an appropriation of $80,000.

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