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Wyoming Water Development Commission 
Harry C. LaBonde, Jr., PE, Director 
6920 Yellowtail Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
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Chapters 2 and 3


The Wyoming Water Development Commission is directed to prepare water and related land resource plans as provided for in Wyoming Statutes. The following are specific references to the applicable authorizations:

W.S. 41-2-107. Water Resources plans; review; submission to commission. The Commission shall formulate and from time to time review and revise water and related land resources plans for the State of Wyoming and for appropriate regions and river basins. The plans shall implement the policies stated in the Wyoming constitution and in statutes pertaining to the stateís water and related land resources.

W.S. 41-2-110. Use of plans; publication; recommendation and employment of plans. (a) The commission shall:

(i) Publish the water resource plans as they are formulated and adopted and disseminate them to people, industries, and governmental departments and agencies;

(ii) Give advice and assistance, if requested, to governmental departments and agencies, furnish to them the appropriate plans, and make available related subsidiary and additional data and information, or data and information related to plans in the process of preparation;

(iii) Recommend action or legislation needed to implement and carry out the plans.

The Wyoming Water Development Commission is directed to report project specific results and findings to the legislature as provided for in Wyoming Statutes and Wyoming Session Laws. The following are specific references to the applicable authorizations:

W.S. 41-2-115. Report; authorization; assignment.

(b) The commission shall, within ninety (90) days following the public hearings, transmit its findings and recommendations to the governor and legislature pursuant to W.S. 41-2-1214(a)...Ē

2004 Legislative Program

The Water Development Commission utilizes the following process to generate funding recommendations for legislative consideration.

1. New Applications

The deadline for new project applications is the fifteenth of September. Upon receipt, new applications and supporting documentation are reviewed, and project sites are visited. The WWDC makes preliminary recommendations regarding new applications at its November meeting.

2. Existing Projects

Typically, consultant project reports are drafted by the first of October. These reports are reviewed to determine whether the projects warrant advancement in the program. At the November WWDC meeting consultant reports are presented, which include a project budget and financing plan. Project sponsors are given the opportunity to present their requests. The WWDC director also presents his recommendation. The WWDC takes preliminary action on the sponsorís request at this meeting.

3. Public Meetings/Hearings

If a proposed Level I Reconnaissance Study or Level II Feasibility Study is of particular concern or controversy, the WWDC may solicit public input at a public meeting prior to finalizing its project recommendation. The Commission holds formal public hearings on all projects that are proposed for Level III Final Design and Construction funding.

4. Coordination with the Governor

The WWDC provides the Governor with its preliminary recommendations and a financial report addressing impacts to the water development accounts. The Governor may provide input throughout the recommendation process.

5. Final Recommendations

The WWDC meets in December or early January to finalize its legislative recommendations on new applications and existing projects. The Commission considers public input received at the meetings and hearings and recommendations from the Governor. Sponsors and interested parties who disagree with the Commissionís preliminary recommendation are provided the opportunity to address the Commission with their concerns.

6. Select Water Committee

The Select Water Committee is comprised of 6 senators and 6 representatives. They provide legislative oversight for the program, and review the Commission's recommendations and budgets. Typically, the Select Water Committee serves as sponsors for the Water Development Program legislation.

7. Legislative Process

The legislature must authorize the allocation of funds from the water development accounts to particular projects. This approval is solicited through the "Omnibus" Planning and Construction Bills.

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