Operating Criteria of the
Wyoming Water Development Program

B. Rehabilitation Program

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Program is to provide funding assistance for the improvement of water projects completed and in use for at least fifteen (15) years. The source of revenue for the program is Water Development Account No. II [W.S. 41-2-124(a)(ii)] which receives two and one tenth percent of the revenues from the state's severance tax distribution account and accrued interest on the account's unspent balance. Legislative approval must be granted prior to allocating funds to a particular purpose or project.

Rehabilitation projects are typically initiated by an application from a project sponsor. If the application is approved, the project is usually assigned a Level II status and can proceed through construction if it is determined the project is technically and economically feasible. The project sponsor must be willing and capable of financially supporting a portion of the project development costs plus all operation and maintenance costs.

The Rehabilitation Program serves to assist project sponsors in keeping existing water supplies effective and viable, thereby preserving their use for the future. Rehabilitation projects can improve an existing municipal water supply system or an agricultural storage facility or conveyance system. The projects serve to insure dam safety, decrease operation and maintenance costs and/or provide a more efficient means of using existing water supplies.

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