Operating Criteria of the
Wyoming Water Development Program
Water Resource Planning

V. Water Resources Planning

The water development planning function is an important aspect of the Water Development Program. Because the issues facing water development in the West are complex, the scope of the WWDC's planning efforts should not be as closely defined as the New Development and Rehabilitation Programs. The WWDC's planning efforts shall not be limited just to the types of projects that can be pursued by these two other programs.

The following are brief goal statements to serve as guidelines for the Water Development Program's future planning efforts.

A. Basin Wide Plans -- These plans shall be generated for each of the state's major drainage basins and should serve to identify and prioritize water development opportunities. The plans shall document the state's plan to utilize its compact and decree allocations.

B. Master Plans -- The program shall assist Wyoming municipalities, irrigation districts and other public entities' efforts to plan for the future. This assistance will typically come through the development of master plans which serve to identify water supply requirements and prioritize water system improvements.

C. Federal Funding -- Presently, there are federal programs which provide funding assistance for some types of water development projects. However, in order to access these funds, costly feasibility/environmental studies are often needed. If these studies will cause a financial burden and if the proposed project alleviates a water development, management, or rehabilitation problem, or allows the continued beneficial use of water, the WWDC shall consider participating in the studies. The amount of the WWDC's financial participation shall be based on the proponents ability to pay.

D. Research -- The program shall continue its participation in research projects which serve to clarify economic, environmental, water development and management issues.

E. Coordination -- The WWDC shall strive to keep informed on proposed state and federal rules and regulations that may affect water use, development, and management.

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