Pioneer Canal and Laramie River by Tony Bergantino
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Level I and II - Ongoing Planning Projects

Project Name Level Basin Project Manager
Meeks Cabin Reservoir EnlargementIIGreenAndrew Linch
New Fork River Watershed StudyIGreenAndrew Linch
Glendo Reservoir Full UtilizationIIPlatteAndrew Linch
LaPrele Irrigation District Master PlanIPlatteChace Tavelli
Cottonwood Irrigation District Master PlanISnake/SaltChace Tavelli
Cody Canals LateralsIIWind/BighornChace Tavelli
Kirby Ditch RehabilitationIIWind/BighornChace Tavelli
Buckskin Extension Master Plan/Gillette RegionalIINortheastDave Myer
Grace Land Extension Master Plan/Gillette RegionalIINortheastDave Myer
Greybull River Watershed StudyIWind/BighornDave Myer
Manderson Master PlanIWind/BighornDave Myer
Northwest Rural Water District Master PlanIWind/BighornDave Myer
Sunlight Basin Instream FlowIWind/BighornDave Myer
Little Snake Supplemental Storage (West Fork Battle Creek Reservoir)IIGreenJason Mead
Clear Creek StorageIIPowder/TongueJason Mead
Nowood River Storage (Alkali Creek Reservoir)IIWind/BighornJason Mead
Nowood River Storage (Meadowlark Lake Enlargement)IIWind/BighornJason Mead
Niobrara/Lower North Platte Rivers Watershed StudyINortheast & PlatteJeni Cederle
Basin Planning: Environmental and Recreational Use StudyIBear|Green|Wind/BighornJodee Pring
Eden Valley Irrigation District Master PlanIGreenJodee Pring
Beaver Creek Watershed StudyINortheastJodee Pring
Goose Creek Watershed StudyIPowder/TongueJodee Pring
Powder/Tongue-Northeast Groundwater AnalysisIPowder/Tongue|NortheastJodee Pring
Powder/Tongue-Northeast River Basin Plan UpdateIPowder/Tongue|NortheastJodee Pring
State Wide Water Research (UW|Office of Water Programs)IStatewideJodee Pring
Fox Ridge Extension Master Plan/Gillette RegionalIINortheastJodie Pavlica
South Platte River Watershed StudyIPlatteJodie Pavlica
Small Water ProgramsStatewideJodie Pavlica
Green River/Rock Springs/Sweetwater County JPWB Wind River Zone StudyIIGreenKeith Clarey
Lusk Water Supply StudyIINortheastKeith Clarey
Rock River Water Master PlanIPlatteKeith Clarey
Rolling Hills Groundwater Supply StudyIIPlatteKeith Clarey
University of Wyoming Irrigation Water SupplyIIPlatteKeith Clarey
Buffalo Groundwater Supply StudyIIPowder/TongueKeith Clarey
Clearmont Test Well StudyIIPowder/TongueKeith Clarey
Newcastle Madison WellIINortheastKevin Boyce
Douglas Test Well StudyIIPlatteKevin Boyce
Platte Alliance Water Supply StudyIIPlatteKevin Boyce
Hog Island Water Master PlanISnake/SaltKevin Boyce
Melody Ranch Water Supply StudyISnake/SaltKevin Boyce
Groundwater Studies (Grant)IStatewideKevin Boyce
Big Horn Regional Southern Water SupplyIIWind/BighornKevin Boyce
Shell Water Master PlanIWind/BighornKevin Boyce
South Worland Water Master PlanIWind/BighornKevin Boyce
Big Sandy Reservoir EnlargementIIGreenLinch/Mead
Bear River Data Model Pilot StudyIBearPeter Gill
Bitter Creek - East Flaming Gorge Watershed StudyIGreenPeter Gill
Hanover Irrigation District Master PlanIWind/BighornPeter Gill
Lovell Irrigation District Master PlanIWind/BighornPeter Gill
Owl Creek Watershed StudyIWind/BighornPeter Gill
Fontenelle Dam and Outworks Infrastructure CompletionIIGreenTony Rutherford
Wheatland Irrigation District Tunnel Dam Rehabilitation StudyIIPlatteTony Rutherford
Big Wind/Little Wind River Storage, Phase IIIIWind/BighornTony Rutherford
Greybull Valley ID Storage EnlargementIIWind/BighornTony Rutherford
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