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Project Reports

 82. PROJECT:Pinedale Master Plan
SPONSOR:Town of Pinedale
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 10 1994 I $125,000   1996
Level III 59 1996 I $3,550,000* 1999
*67% grant 33% loan (4%, 30 years)

The Town of Pinedale is an incorporated municipality with a population of approximately 1200 residents. A Level II report was completed in 1993 for the Town of Pinedale. The town was under an EPA order to filter its water system and/or complete a watershed control plan. In 1994, the town's Watershed Control Plan was accepted by the EPA. The town obtains water directly from Fremont Lake and does not filter the raw water. The raw water intake is 70 feet deep. Chlorination is provided. The Level II report noted the Town of Pinedale needs a new water tank, appurtenant piping, and equipment to meet chlorine detention times.

In 1993, the town requested funding for a Level I water supply master plan to assess present/future needs and to evaluate the entire water system. The Level I study was completed in 1995 and refined the work outlined in the Level II study. The Level I study delineated the potential service boundaries and evaluated deficiencies in their supply and distribution system. The master plan provides a complete evaluation of their existing water supply and distribution system and identifies those areas outside the present service area that may be served by an expansion of the water system based on projected growth. The recently completed Level I report recommended that the Town of Pinedale construct a new pipeline from Fremont Lake to town and additional chlorination to meet chlorine detention time requirements, and provide redundant chlorination. The cost for those items is estimated to be $3,550,000.

The project is currently under design and an early 1998 bid letting and contract award are anticipated. An environmental assessment document has been prepared and sent out for public comment by the U.S. Forest Service. A Decision Notice is not anticipated to be signed by the U.S. Forest Service prior to March, 1998. In addition a complaint for summary judgment has been filed with the State District Court in Sublette County by local residents concerning the WWDC loan ($1,171,500). The complaint alleges that the Town of Pinedale is without authority under the Wyoming Constitution and statutes to enter into such indebtedness without a local election authorizing same. Motions for summary judgment have been submitted by both parties, with resolution not anticipated until early 1998. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 1998, provided delays do not result from the issuance of the U.S. Forest Service permit or unsettled legal issues.

No legislative action is required on this project.

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