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Wyoming Water Development Commission 
Harry C. LaBonde, Jr., PE, Director 
6920 Yellowtail Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Phone: 307-777-7626 

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Dam and Reservoir Planning

High Savery Outlet Work Inspection
The dam and reservoir division consists of four personnel, including: a division manager, hydrologist, scientist, and dam operations tender. The division is undertaking activities to promote maintenance of High Savery Dam and Reservoir, which is solely owned by the State of Wyoming, and construction of new or the enlargement of existing dams and reservoirs. As stipulated by statute, only new reservoirs, with a capacity of 2,000 acre-feet or larger, or the enlargement of existing reservoirs, by a minimum increase in capacity of 1,000 acre-feet, are eligible for construction funding from the Dam and Reservoir Division's account, Wyoming Water Development Account III. Level I reconnaissance studies and Level II feasibility studies undertaken to identify new storage opportunities are also eligible for funding from Wyoming Water Development Account III.

The development of watershed plans serves as the lynch pin for defining opportunities. Watershed plans not only identify opportunities for construction of major dam and reservoir facilities but encourage the holistic management of the watersheds by identifying those smaller water developments that are capable of improving water quality or better utilization of existing resources, which improve the environment and local economies. Understanding watershed hydrology is the primary ingredient for either identifying potential dam and reservoir sites or holistically managing water resources. Incorporating hydrologic models that estimate demand and that portray water use patterns are effective tools for identifying and sizing dams and reservoirs. The WWDO Dams Reservoir Division is working with the WWDO River Basin Planning Division and the State Engineer's Office to build a planning process where each succeeding level of effort/study adds information and improves the overall hydrologic understanding of the watershed.

 High Savery Dam and Reservoir Information

Current Projects

 Austin-Wall Reservoir Rehabilitation, Level II
 Big and Little Wind River Storage Feasibility Studies Level II, Phase I
 Big Sandy Enlargement, Level II
 Clear Creek Storage, Level II
 Cottonwood/Grass Creek Storage, Level II
 Cottonwood Lake Enlargement, Level III
 Little Snake Supplemental Storage (West Fork Reservoir), Level II
 Middle Piney Reservoir, Level II
 Nowood River Storage, Level II
 Shell Valley Storage (Upper Leavitt Reservoir), Level II
 Sublette Creek Reservoir, Level II
 Upper Green River Watershed Study, Level I
 Viva Naughton Reservoir Enlargement, Level II

2007 Dam and Reservoir Literature Surveys

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 Green River Basin
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