Pioneer Canal and Laramie River by Tony Bergantino
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Calendar of Water Events

Events in Yellow are WWDC/WWDO sponsored

Date Thru Program Item Location Time Place
20-Mar-19 22-Mar-19 Western States Water Council Meeting Chandler, AZ
9-Apr-19 Yellowstone River Compact Commission TAC Meeting Sheridan, WY
9-Apr-19 Water Forum - 2019 Water Supply Outlook Cheyenne, WY
11-Apr-19 North Platte Decree Committee Scottsbluff, NE
15-Apr-19 18-Apr-19 Western Snow Council Reno, NV
16-Apr-19 19-Apr-19 WARWS Spring Training Conference Casper, WY
16-Apr-19 Bear River Commission Salt Lake City, UT
23-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 WSWC/USGS Water Information Management Systems Workshop Garretson/Sioux Falls, SD
13-May-19 17-May-19 Board of Control Meeting (WYDOT) Cheyenne, WY
14-May-19 Water Forum - Updates on WACD's Progress Reports and Suitewater Mapping Tool Cheyenne, WY
16-May-19 Snake River Agency Meeting Jackson, WY
16-May-19 17-May-19 WWDC/SWC Joint Meeting Cheyenne, WY
21-May-19 23-May-19 Missouri Recovery Implementation Annual Forum Sioux Falls, SD
3-Jun-19 7-Jun-19 Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Forum Denver, CO
11-Jun-19 12-Jun-19 PRRIP Governance Committee Cheyenne, WY
12-Jun-19 14-Jun-19 WAM Summer Convention Sheridan, WY
25-Jun-19 SOI-SOQs due to WWDC
12-Aug-19 16-Aug-19 Board of Control Meeting, Division III TBA
14-Aug-19 16-Aug-19 WWDC/SWC Workshop/Summer Tour/Joint Meeting TBD
1-Sep-19 Level III Project Applications due to WWDC
1-Oct-19 3-Oct-19 WWDC Consultant Selection Interviews Cheyenne, WY
4-Oct-19 WWDC Meeting, Selection Approval Cheyenne, WY
13-Nov-19 15-Nov-19 WWDC/SWC Workshop/Joint Meeting Casper, WY

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