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Active Projects

 77. PROJECT:North Cheyenne Master Plan
SPONSOR:Laramie County Commission
LOCATION:Laramie County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 10 1994 I Hold   1996
Level II 15 1996 I Hold   1998
Level II 82 1998 I Hold* 2000
*A total appropriation of $15,000 is available for hold projects

Water levels in domestic and stock wells in the north Cheyenne area have been decreasing. There are approximately 1,500 residences in the North Cheyenne area with a population of approximately 5,000 people. The area encompasses approximately 30 square miles. All the residences are served by individual wells and waste water is treated with individual septic systems. In 1991, the Laramie County Commissioners requested a Level I planning study to develop a master plan for the North Cheyenne area. The request was initiated in response to complaints of residents concerning reduced water levels in wells and possible water quality degradation.

In 1992, the WWDC contracted with States West Water Resources Corporation (States West) to complete a Level I water supply master plan study of the North Cheyenne area. The study was completed in 1993 and identified several water supply alternatives. Reconnaissance level designs and cost estimates were prepared for a system that would utilize groundwater as a water source, a rural water supply system with transmission capacity to address future growth using water supplied by the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities, and a water supply system with limited transmission capacity using water supplied by the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities. In addition, water conservation, aquifer recharge and no action alternatives were also evaluated. The Level I report concluded that the preferred alternative is to purchase water from the City of Cheyenne and to systematically construct a transmission pipeline system to accommodate existing and future water supply needs. The cost for the water supply system built to City of Cheyenne standards is about $45 per household per month. In addition, each landowner would have to finance approximately $14,000 for completion of a distribution system and connection to the main water supply lines.

The project was terminated at the conclusion of the Phase I work program because several issues (annexation, property owner interest) had to be resolved before additional technical work can be performed. In all probability, the interest in the project will vary throughout the area and the ultimate project will be phased based upon that interest.

The Commission recommends the project be retained at Level II-Hold status.

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