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Active Projects

 06. PROJECT:Baggs Water Supply/Baggs Master Plan
SPONSOR:Town of Baggs
LOCATION:Carbon County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 36 2000 I $50,000 2002
Level III 2 2001 II $92,000 2005
Level I 7 2002 I $40,000 2004

The residents of the Town of Baggs utilize treated water from a Little Snake River intake diversion. High turbidity counts (NTU'S) during spring runoff have plagued the town in the form of drinking water standard exceedences. Because of the water quality violation, the town applied to explore groundwater options.

The Level II study of the existing water supply and treatment system was completed as a continuance of the WWDC Groundwater Grant study awarded the town in 1999. The purpose of the study was to investigate alternative diversion systems, utilizing results of 1999 test well drilling, and prepare conceptual designs, cost estimates, economic analysis, and project financing guidelines for funding opportunities.

Plans and specifications for the Level III construction project have been prepared during 2002. The project was let for bids in August 2002. However, only one bid was received, and it exceeded the engineer's cost estimate by approximately $56,900.00. The SPONSOR and its Engineer recommended the bid be accepted. Due to the extreme drought conditions, it is imperative that this project be completed as soon as possible. The construction is continuing using local funds to make up the shortfall. However, this will create a burden on the Town's finances, therefore this funding increase will be used to reimburse the Town.

The Level I Master Plan authorized in 2002 is a continuation of water projects currently underway. These projects are funded by the WWDC and the USDA Rural Utility Service. The project will replace the Town's infiltration gallery and upgrade the water treatment plant.

The Master Plan included mapping, provided an evaluation of the water supply and distribution system, and developed a maintenance and replacement schedule for the water mains. The plan recommended increasing the size of the mains and adding 100,000 gallons of storage to meet fire suppression needs. If the town's system is to be expanded beyond the city limits, a regional system that extends to Dixon should be examined. There is no direct line from the water treatment plant to the storage tank. A direct line to the tank would fill the tank quicker and improve water pressures throughout the system. The water system losses observed in 2000 seem to be due to un-metered taps on the system. A program should be undertaken to eliminate the unmetered taps.

The WWDC recommends that an additional $28,000 grant be approved to cover approximately 50% of the cost overrun in the Level III project. The total Level III project cost is increased from $92,000 to $120,000.

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