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Active Projects

 07. PROJECT:Bairoil Water Supply/Bairoil Master Plan
SPONSOR:Town of Bairoil
LOCATION:Carbon County
PROGRAM:New Development
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level II 81 1999 I $225,000   2000
Level II 36 2000 I $200,000   2002
Level III 96 2000 I $480,000* 2004
Level II 7 2002 I $ 40,000   2004
*60% grant

The Town of Bairoil is supplementing its municipal supply by developing an alternative groundwater supply to the Battle Springs Pipeline, which was originally operated by BP-Amoco; and by rehabilitating Abel Springs. BP-Amoco sold the Lost Soldier Oil Field operations to Merit Energy, which is a significant portion of Bairoil's water supply. Merit Energy also uses water from the Battle Springs Pipeline. With 1999 WWDC Level II funds, a production-sized test well was drilled to improve Bairoil's water supply. Deep groundwater sources are difficult to find because of the variable aquifer supply quantities available and widespread occurrence of uranium deposits, which adversely affect radionuclide levels. The town purchased the test well as a supply well and was granted an additional $200,000 Level II appropriation (Session 2000) to drill a second production well. The second supply well was completed during 2001, however its yield was significantly less than the first production well's design yield of 60 gpm.

The town has subsequently determined not to purchase the second well and is proceeding with design of a transmission line to connect the first well with the town's water system.

The Level III 2000 appropriation will be used to construct necessary transmission facilities and implement efforts to enhance flows derived from the original Abel Springs source.

The town has negotiated a contract with Wester-Wetstein & Associates, Inc. of Gillette to provide design and construction administration services for the project. A lengthy period of time was needed to secure BLM easement approval, which was not issued until October 2002. Easement conditions prohibit construction from February 1 until July 31 because of endangered/threatened species. Design has been completed with construction scheduled to be completed during the summer/fall of 2003.

The Level II study revealed that water consumption by the town far exceeds the normal demand by a town its size. A continued Level II study was authorized by the 2002 Legislature to prepare a master plan of the town's water system to include an audit of the town's transmission, storage, and distribution system. The Abel Springs and the Battle Springs Pipeline (Merit Energy's Lost Soldier Gas Field Supply) will be closely inspected to determine if improvements to those supplies are prudent. An investigation of source(s) to supply a raw water system will also be pursued.

No legislative action is required.

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