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Active Projects

117.PROJECT:Sinclair Water Supply
SPONSOR:Town of Sinclair
LOCATION:Carbon County
Purpose Chapter Session Account Appropriation Due Date
Level I 10 1994 1 $250,000 1996
Level II 15 1996 I Hold 1998
Level II 82 1998 I Hold 2000
Level II 81 1999 I $50,000 2000
Level III 88 2002 I $672,500 2007

The Town of Sinclair is an incorporated municipality with a population of 500. The town and the Sinclair Refinery share a common water system. The water treatment and distribution system for the town is operated by the refinery. The town has identified several deficiencies in their supply and distribution system. The existing 75,000 gallon tank was constructed in 1924 and is badly corroded. In 1993, the town requested funding for a water supply master plan to evaluate the entire water system that was constructed seven decades ago.

A Level I master plan water supply study was completed by the WWDC in 1996. This study indicated that the treatment plant, tank and transmission and distribution lines need to be upgraded. The town and refinery have an agreement for the operation and maintenance of the water system. The town owns the water right. For the use of 90% of the water, the refinery annually pays up to $15,000 for operation and maintenance of the water system. The water system consists of a pretreatment unit which is located at the river. The water is run through a final treatment plant that purifies the water. Most of the refinery's wateruse does not need to be potable.

The Level II Study was completed in July 2001. Previous to completion however, lengthy negotiations occurred between the town, the refinery, and the EPA ( The Town was under EPA Administrative Order procedures for exceeding turbidity standards). Ultimately, the refinery and town agreed to upgrade the North Platte River treatment plant to meet EPA primary drinking water standards. The town's responsibility is to pursue improvements including increased storage, a new transmission line, distribution system upgrades, and the installation of a 0.5 MGD treatment (filtration/disinfection) facility to provide resident drinking water.

The town has subsequently entered into an agreement with the City of Rawlins to provide a regional water supply system which will forego it's need for water treatment plant improvements. Design and construction of the pipelines and storage facility will be completed in the winter of 2003.

No legislative action required.

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