Pioneer Canal and Laramie River by Tony Bergantino
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Level I and II - Ongoing Planning Projects
Updated April 2023

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Project Name Level Basin Project Manager
Big Horn Regional TransmissionIIWind/BighornSmith
Big Wind River Storage Study, Phase IIIIWind/BighornMead
Byron Rural Water SupplyIIWind/BighornSmith
Casper Alcova Irrigation District Master PlanIPlatteLawrence
Central Wyoming Regional Water System Well Field StudyIIPlatteMoser
Clarks Fork Upper Shoshone Watershed StudyIWind/BighornJones
Clear Creek StorageIIPowder/TongueMead
Cloud Seeding: Operations Hydrological Assessment - Medicine Bow/Sierra MadresIIPlatteLawrence
Cody Canal RehabilitationIIWind/BighornOlson
Critical Aging Irrigation Infrastructure AssessmentIStatewideTavelli
Dayton Water Master PlanIPowder/TongueGondzar
Douglas Test Well StudyIIPlatteMoser
Dowlin Diversion RehabilitationIIPlatteJones
Fontenelle Dam & Outworks Infrastructure CompletionIIGreenMead
Fontenelle Reservoir StorageIIGreenMead
Gillette Water System ImprovementsIIPowder/Tongue/NESmith
Glendo Reservoir Full Utilization ProjectIIPlatteMead
Glendo Water Master PlanIPlatteMoser
Goshen Irrigation District Master PlanIPlatteClarey
Green River/Little Snake River Basins Conveyance Loss StudyIGreenTavelli/Lawrence
Green River/Rock Springs/Sweetwater County Joint Powers Water Board Eastside Zone StudyIIGreenClarey
Greybull Valley Irrigation District Upper Sunshine Outlet Works RehabilitationIIWind/BighornRussell
Groundwater GrantsIStatewideMoser
Highland Irrigation District Master PlanIGreenGondzar
Hoback River Watershed StudyISnake/SaltJones
LaGrange Groundwater Supply & ImprovementsIIPlatteClarey
Lake DeSmetPowder/TongueMead
Lake DeSmet/Healy Reservoir UtilizationIIPowder/TongueMead
Lakeview Irrigation District RehabilitationIIWind/BighornLove
Lander Water Master PlanIWind/BighornJones
LaPrele Irrigation District RehabilitationIIPlatteTavelli
LaPrele Irrigation District Rehabilitation, Phase IIIIPlatteTavelli
Little Snake River Valley Water Supply, Phase IIIIGreenTavelli
Little Wind River Storage Study, Phase IIIIWind/BighornMead
Midvale Irrigation District Master PlanIWind/BighornLove
New Fork Lake Dam Enlargement, Phase IIIIGreenMead
New Fork Lake Dam Enlargement, Phase IIIIIGreenMead
Newcastle Water Master PlanINortheastClarey
Nordic Ranches Water Master PlanISnake/SaltJones
Nowood River Storage - Alkali CreekIIWind/BighornMead
Nowood River Storage - Meadowlark LakeIIWind/BighornMead
Orchard Valley Water Master PlanIPlatteOlson
Pavillion Groundwater SupplyIIWind/BighornClarey
Pioneer Canal-Lake Hattie Irridation District Master PlanIPlattePavlica
Ranchester Water Master PlanIPowder/TongueOlson
Rawlins Water Master PlanIPlatteMoser
River Basin Planning - Streamstats Phases III and IVIStatewideJones/Lawrence
Riverton Regional Water Master PlanIWind/BighornTavelli
Rock Creek & Trail Ridge Creek Instream Flows 2020GreenTavelli
Shell Valley Storage - Leavitt ReservoirIIWind/BighornMead
Shoshoni Groundwater Supply & TransmissionIIWind/BighornClarey
Sidon Irrigation District Master PlanIWind/BighornJones
Silver Lake Dam RehabilitationIIGreenMead
Tillard Canal Master PlanIWind/BighornJones
University of Wyoming Office of Water ProgramsIStatewideLawrence
University of Wyoming Water Research ProgramIStatewideJones
Upton Water Master PlanINortheastClarey
Wardwell Water Master PlanIPlatteMoser
West Afton/Nield String Master PlanISnake/SaltJones
West Fork Reservoir, Phase IIIIGreenMead
West Fork Reservoir, Phase IIIIIGreenMead
Wheatland Water Master PlanIPlatteClarey
Willwood Irrigation District RehabilitationIIWind/BighornTavelli
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