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Small Water Projects

Solar platform installed and operational on
Thunder Basin National Grasslands

Casey Jones well with solar platform
and water tanks

The purpose of the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) Small Water Project Program (SWPP) is to participate with land management agencies and sponsoring entities in providing incentives for improving watershed condition and function. Projects eligible for SWPP grant funding assistance include the construction or rehabilitation of the following:

  • Small Reservoirs
  • Wells
  • Solar Platforms
  • Pipelines and Conveyance Facilities
  • Springs
  • Wetland Developments
  • Environmental Projects
  • Irrigation Works
  • Windmills
  • Rural Community Fire Supression Systems
  • Recreational Projects

Activities should improve watershed condition and function and provide benefit for wildlife, livestock and the environment. Projects may provide improved water quality, riparian habitat, habitat for fish and wildlife and address environmental concerns by providing water supplies to support plant and animal species or serve to improve natural resource conditions.

For more specific program information please see the Small Water 101 Presentation at the link below.

Small Water Project Program 101 Slide Show

Although not a requirement, many of the SWPP Projects completed around the state were first identified in a WWDC funded Watershed Study. For a list of completed watershed studies, click here. Watershed studies are completed through a grant from the WWDC's Planning Program, and can be applied for by eligible public entities. For more information click on the "Project Application Information" link under the "Agency Information" section of the left side menu of this webpage.

Also, while you're here, take some time to explore the small water projects completed near you. The link below will take you to the Small Water Projects Program Story Map. This map will provide more information on the projects completed around the state since the summer of 2015 including photos and project descriptions.

Small Water Projects Program Story Map

Program Criteria, Project Applications, and checklists for projects can be found in the table below. Project Applications should be completed by an eligible public entity as defined in the program criteria.

Getting Started PDF Word
Program Operating Criteria, Adopted March 19, 2021100 kb
Guidance Document332 kb
Small Water Project Application172 kb368 kb
Notice to Proceed - Flowchart238 kb
Checklists for projects requesting Notice to Proceed or Shovel Ready Status PDF Word
Project Sponsor Checklist104 kb 365 kb
Sage Grouse Analysis Sheet84 kb 365 kb
Well Evaluation Checklist91 kb 364 kb
Hydrologic Evaluation Checklist91 kb 364 kb

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