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Wyoming Weather Modification Program: Projects


Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program

The Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program (WWMPP) was funded by the State of Wyoming through the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC), and was unique among state sponsored programs in that it included a substantial evaluation component. The main purpose of the WWMPP was to establish orographic cloud seeding programs in three target areas (The Medicine Bow Range, Sierra Madre Range and Wind River Range) and evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the cloud seeding. The logistics, infrastructure, and operations of the program were provided by Weather Modification Inc. (WMI), while the evaluation activities fell under the direction of the Research Applications Laboratory (RAL) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). A Technical Advisory Team, made up of representatives from several state and federal entities, was also established to provide additional oversight and advice for the research program.

The main emphasis of the research program was on the statistical analyses required to provide evidence of cloud seeding efficacy. A randomized statistical experiment (RSE) was implemented to assess the data gathered from seeded versus control (unseeded) cases. To support the RSE, additional efforts to measure and model some of the physical effects of seeding were also investigated in the WWMPP. The overall goal of the WWMPP was to provide the best advice possible to the WWDC regarding the potential for meaningful augmentation of snowpack through cloud seeding.

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